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Shaw Gateway WholeHomePVR: watching a recording while its still being recorded

Question asked by rosa17 on Aug 10, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2015 by rosa17

i just switched from telus to shaw this morning and I'm already lost! The guide setup is throwing me off completely, I don't like the way the channels are grouped at all.


aside from this issue, I also experienced a problem this evening as I tried to get through recordings. If I was watching a recording that had not yet finished, the system would reach the point of what would be considered live in the program, and ask if I wanted to keep or delete the program. When I chose keep it then stopped playing it and made me go back in to select it. As I did I realized not only had the recording reverted to the beginning, but it also stopped recording the rest of the program... And when I reached the point which was live again it would t let me just watch as it was, it again asked about keeping or deleting.


HAs has anyone else had this throw them off? I feel. So lost on this brand new system.