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Shaw webmail forwarding to Hotmail

Question asked by rgb on Jan 26, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2013 by kevinds

I asked Shaw support to arrange forwarding of my Shaw email to my Hotmail account a few years ago. It worked most of the time, but recently stopped altogether. I asked Shaw support again last week but no reply.


I tried setting it up again myself. And I can see that forwarding is enabled in my Shaw account.


Maybe the problem this time is some change that Hotmail made.

In Hotmail forwarding "Send and receive account" I filled in the form. Did not help.

The error message is "There's a problem connecting to the POP3 mail server"

Hotmail automatically filled in "Server address" and "port 995".

And also automatically checked the box for "Requires a secure connection (SSL)"

Are these the correct settings?