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Shaw Routing Issue to Riot Games' New Chicago Servers 25/08/2015

Question asked by mdudzicz1 on Aug 25, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2015 by marty.chong

As of last night at 6AM MST, Riot Games relocated their primary server from Los Angeles, CA to Chicago, IL in hopes of giving players across the US and Canada overall better pings. They provided a map showing what regions ping would end up being after the server move, and also stating in bullet points underneath it. In the bullets, My region (Edmonton, AB) would end up having a neutral change, meaning my ping should barely change at all if any. It however went from a consistent 47 --> 86ms in-game since this server move. I have attached the official Riot Connection Megathread below from which they identify certain ISP's and their current issues with the new server.


Chicago Connection Clinic Megathread


In this thread, when you scroll down a little you can see a Riot employee stating that they are trying to work with Shaw to fix routing issues, but it has not happened yet.


If this problem could be fixed asap it would be greatly appreciated!