A few suggestions for the Gateway WholeHomePVR System

Discussion created by rosa17 on Aug 12, 2015

hello, I was wondering if I could make a few suggestions regarding recording, watching a recording, viewing the guide, and returning to the previous channel.


1. I feel like there are far too many steps involved to watch recordings/choose which particular one, coming from Telus I do wish Shaw came with a more simplified way to get to a recording. This includes when a recording from a series has ended, I wish you could one-tap watch the next one in the series and also delete the one just finished.


2. I find the pop-up following a recording asking to keep/delete should be an option I am able to opt out of, its ust another choice I  have to complete more steps on the remote control before being able to move on.


3. I'm finding the guide to be too jumbled. I wish the various networks were grouped together. And also that the theme packs were organized.


4. Another feature I'm missing since switching has been the option of returning to the last channel. For starters I wish one could press last while in a recording and be able to then be on live tv. I feel the extra buttons on the remote could be avoided.

-Another option I feel is very helpful was the option to press last, and having to choice of the 2-4 last channels I was watching. If the last thing I was viewing was an episode on the DVR it also allowed for me to choose that.



these are just a few things I've learned to be different, and in my opinion missing from a Shaw system I previously assumed before switching, was more advanced in options than they are.


HAs anyone else thought of anything similar,or made the switch and agree?


Thank you!