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When will we get a full update on channel changes, especially any HD upgrades?

Question asked by dxer on Aug 19, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2015 by shaw-shaun

Several channels are either being dropped or rebranded (eg Teletoon, BiTe). I understand that there are some new ones (replacements?) coming. I'm mostly interested in Shaw upgrading several to full HD: TCM, PBS East (Detroit), CTV News, BBC News, OWN (Corus), for example. I'd also love to see BC's Knowledge Network's BBC Kids return. I always thought that strange that Shaw would cut out a locally co-produced (with BBC) kids channel. Also, I'd love to see Shaw upgrade its (Corus) BBC Canada, to HD. I know that this is the prerogative of Corus (Shaw's sister broadcasting company) but the American version BBC America has been in HD for several years. It is already late August. When will we learn more of Shaw's Fall plans?