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Advanced WiFi Modem in an Apple World?

Question asked by bentyyc on Aug 19, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2015 by bentyyc

Looking for advice...


The current push on the new Advance WiFi Modem seems very attractive in light of our seemingly slow internet service at home. We are, however, an Apple household, and have several Mac and iOS devices, as well as AppleTVs, that rely on networking thru the Time Capsule as a WiFi hub.


I thought I had heard/read that The Advanced WiFi Model offering from Shaw did not play nice with Apple networking (e.g. the Time Capsule) or wireless printers.


Can anyone confirm or recommend away for all of this to work together? It seems to me that bridging the Shaw Model to use the Time Capsule as the WiFi access point negates some of the advantages of the modem in the first place?


My thanks if you have experience or thoughts on this!!