Thanks to the front line staff!

Discussion created by gamerguy on Aug 25, 2015

So I woke up to a dead modem yesterday. It's only been here a few weeks. I called in and was asked to do the normal doings when theses things happen but it was dead. The rep checked to make sure there was one at the Uptown location. There was.


I went an exchanged it for a new one but after getting home it would not connect. I called in again and we tried a few things, still no internet. So they booked a tech visit for this afternoon.


I decided just to try it again earlier today, as the modem was now showing 3 of 4 green lights but still no internet connection.


The tech came, checked the signal and mentioned the router was online indicated by the lights. It seems the 1 missing green light does not sit properly so it only looks like it's reflecting the light from the LEDs on either side and not actually on itself.


We checked and I now had a connection. He decided to have a quick look at the box outside and discovered something he could improve on. It was "old school" grounding so he swapped out some things and was off.


Though I still dislike Shaw as a business, I once again have to give kudo's to the front line staff.


I must apologize. I forgot to right down the name of the one women I spoke to on the phone and with my crap memory quickly forgot it. Otherwise it would be listed here to.


Thanks to Brad (Uptown), Tom, Nick,(Both phone) Doug (The tech) and the wonderfully kind women with a pleasant attitude, which they all had Frankly. Again, sorry I forgot your name.


Keep up the good work people.