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Help needed with HD receiver.

Question asked by cardarinc on Aug 26, 2015
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I bought an HD receiver from someone online.  A friend of mine checked it out before buying it and it was working at the time of purchase. I ordered Hd programming and hooked up the receiver and all it does is show a d plus number... which I assume is downloading and then an E plus a number which I assume is a error code.  An installer came by with my other HD receiver and said my receiver(the one I bought online) was toast once it displayed the E code and said it was basically just a paperweight now.  This picture I have here is what the receiver I bought looks like.  I'm wondering if the installer is correct or if he didn't want to hook it up for me.  We only have Shaw for a cable service in the town I live in and this is a Shaw receiver that I had bought as the town the guy lived in only has Shaw there as well.  I see the card slot on there and I'm wondering if a card is needed?



Please help because I really don't want to buy another receiver.