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Why Does the Android Appliction Need So Much Access?

Question asked by kevinds on Aug 24, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2015 by kevinds

Why does the Android application need so much access to our devices.


For example, it is the same application that runs on the tablet and phone, so anything to do with phone-calls, it doesn't really need, correct?


I tried stripping away some permissions, but the application completely fails to load when missing even one...



"Read Phone Status and Identity"

Same application on a tablet doesn't need this permission, because it isn't there..  Why does it need it on my phone?  Why does it need to know my mobile number and who I might be talking to?


"Read Sensitive Log Data"

What I am doing with my phone, personal and private information"


"Full Network Access"

This one I can see..  I doubt that the Gateway application can use the browser for it's communication


"View Network Connections"

It doesn't matter how it gets online, only that it is online


"View Wi-Fi Connections"

Same as above, it needs to get online, the application doesn't need to know how


"Modify or Delete Contents of your USB Storage"

Doesn't need to access ANYTHING on my USB storage, at most, a few temp files for the logos and images, but these will be in the Application's own directory


"Retrieve Running Apps"

Why does it need to know and care about what other applications are running on my phone?


"Prevent Phone from Sleeping"

Why does the application need to keep my Phone awake and not let it sleep if I leave the application in the foreground?


"Allow Wi-Fi Multicast Reception"

Nothing this application does needs Multicast reception, this will just drain my battery faster


"Raised Thread Priority"

This application just wants priority?  It already has that running in the foreground