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Teletoon Retro shuts down - What's next?

Question asked by dxer on Aug 31, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2015 by paramount360

I see by the Guide that Teletoon Retro signs off permanently at 3 am Pacific, tomorrow morning. Still no announcement on if there will be a replacement. I've read that a Disney channel is coming, To Teletoon Retro's old spot? (Check out - says something is coming)?  Yet takes you to Family Channel. A little clarity might be nice. And if something comes will it be in HD? Or will Shaw continue to lowball with SD only? Indeed, I'm really surprised (should I be?) that Shaw isn't out marketing all the wonderful changes, upgrades and new channels that it is bringing to us after the last rather hefty price increase - to build an appetite, you know, to stem the bleeding to places like Netflix or elsewhere and to rebuild its base and brand. Upgrade decisions coming, as soon as today, but not sure what yet. Your answers could help.