Cutting the Cord

Discussion created by blucas on Sep 4, 2015
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This week I cut the cord for cable television. It has taken me two months to get it all in place. But in the end there was no choice. I did not have an issue with Shaw Direct Satellite service. Rather it was the packages. I don't watch that much TV and not that many channels. More that half, possibly three quarters of the channels I get are never watched. And Shaw can't sell me just the channels I want. This is a CRTC issue, but nonetheless for me it is Shaw's issue.


So now I have an OTA HD antenna receiving 6 channels from Calgary. I am about 75km away but reception is good. And the channels are free. So I don't need local programming in a package. Now I have it. Now, there was an issue with how to wire that antenna to three TV's. I have two Roku's for streaming services (half of TV watching is Netflix) and a Tablo to stream the local channels to the Roku. No coaxial cable needed for the antenna except to the Roku. So I can now record the local channels.


Understandably, this is not optimal because some of the channels I like are not available. No more Flames channel. No more sports except what is carried on the local channels. But this is a sacrifice to force better service options. And maybe even lifestyle improvements. Sometimes you have to give in order to get.