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Timed Out of Guide...??

Question asked by jakiqwaki on Sep 6, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2015 by jakiqwaki

Once or twice a week, i like to take a "leisurely stroll" thru the guide, looking for content to push to tha PVR.


Even tho i'm "active" in the guide...meaning i'm scrolling thru/highlighting programs/tapping the Info button for...well...additional info and even selecting certain programs to be recorded, i'm getting timed out...sometimes even while in the process of selecting programs to be recorded.


Just like i would if i opened the guide and then went out on tha deck for a smoke. Of course, when i came back, the guide would be gone.


It's as if the guide isn't getting the message from the remote that actions are being performed in it.


I'm of the assumption that, while in the guide, ever time i submit a keystroke, it's internal clock essentially resets to zero.


FYI: i'm also experiencing exceptionally quick time outs while in the search menu. Case in point: i queried it this morning for upcoming Dodger games, found them, got up to get a piece of paper and a pen (no more than 6 steps away) and by the time i had turned around, the entire search menu had timed out.


I'm starting to wonder if this problem, and my earlier post are somehow related??


Maybe the issue is with the remote control after all??


Maybe there's something about how this Champ remote is being "activated" or "synced" to either the box or my tv that's causing these problems.


Looking forward to your suggestions;