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Cartoon Netwrok guide missing (and HD feed)

Question asked by rydawg on Sep 2, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2015 by jbetteridge

So I just noticed that Telethon Retro got replaced with Cartoon Network. However, I noticed that their is currently no listings for Cartoon Network shows in the guide. Yesterday, the channel jut said "Find your movie on Shaw on demand." Today, however, it just says "Channel 91.1 (TBA)", I was wondering if there was a fix coming for the missing guide listings. I also noticed that the eastern feed is being used instead of the Pacific feed. This is a bid odd, since Adult Swim is currently starting at 5 instead of at 8 like its supposed to start at.


I was also wondering if an HD feed of the channel is coming, and if the channel will remain as a part of the basic package like Retor was, or if its going to be part of a theme pack or pick and pay.