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How to create multiple policies in Access Restrictions on a Cisco router?

Question asked by vincej on Sep 1, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2015 by gamerguy

From what I can see the access restrictions under the DPC3848V are totally useless.


My teenage son is an avid game. So, I want to shut down his access during home work time, say 4.30 - 6pm on weekdays. Then I want it shut down again at 10pm weekdays. Then on Sat & Sunday shut down between 1pm and 5 pm.


But I can not see how you can do this. This router only allows 1 single restriction for each device for the whole week. That's it !!!  


Personally, considering Shaw's clientele being families in many cases,  this is a completely shameful omission on Shaw's part. 


Is there an alternative router I can source from Shaw which do what I need ???


Many thanks !