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Ongoing dead slow internet in Fort Saint John

Question asked by fsj_bc on Sep 1, 2015
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I've taking the time and write here as in the past I had found that the people here were very helpful and dedicated to help fix issues. I had the youtube issue in the past, and while it took several month it got eventually fixed. I hope that this issue that appears to have been going for a while here is going to be fixed ASAP as its critical.


THE ISSUE: For the past months in the Fort St John area as many show subscribers have already reported, the broadband internet gets down to 1-5Mbps Download speed. My package is the grandfathered Broadband 100 Down and 10 Up. Same goes with my parents, they have a 30Mbps/s plan. The drop occurs during the day and has been getting worse and worse. Now it's lunch time and Show speedtest shows 3.81down / 7up. The upload speed is mostly unaffected. Depending on the time of day, usually after midnight is the only time I actually get my paid package speed. I contacted support one month ago and they said that Shaw is aware and is working on it but no ETA. As the tech guy noticed looking at the graphs the network get fully overloaded.


The computer I'm testing in on cable and this problem was already confirmed by SHAW TECH. You can look into the graphs of the modem and also you'll notice that Shaw is aware of this problem in the area.


I searched your forum and I found people waiting from last November and mentions of Show getting permits for more fibre. I don't know if that's related. My area needs a fix urgently and it needs it bad.


The bills have increased every year for the last 3 years but the quality of the service plummeted. I'd like to see Shaw offering a prorated refund, considering that the speed is nearly unusable during the hours that I (and most people) need it to work.


And mostly what I really want is to get this issues fixed.