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anything but reset tha box yo...

Question asked by jakiqwaki on Sep 5, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2015 by jakiqwaki

I've had this intermittent problem for about a month now, and it only happens when i'm viewing a program i've pushed/recorded to the pvr. At some point (usually somewhere between 25 and 45 minutes after i've entered the pvr portion of the digital box) i can no longer get the box to perform the command(s) i'm sending via remote. I can see that the remote is sending the command (it lights up, etc) and i can see that the box is receiving the command (there's a little white light on the front of the digital box that flickers on and off), but the command isn't actuated.


The only button that does work (and i discovered this completely by accident) is the Play button--which takes me back to the beginning of the recording. I can then scroll thru/advance for some undetermined amount of time until the problem comes back again.


I am on my 3rd digital box since the first of July. We have reverted back from the Motorola box to the Arrius box. I have spoken with innumerable reps (over the phone and via chat). I have had two technicians out to the site--one of which was a Senior Technician. My issue remains unresolved.


The box(es) have been reset so many times i am now an expert at resetting my personal settings.


I don't think the box is the problem, i don't think the remote is the problem. I don't think the signal (at least from outside the house all the way into the back of the box is the problem)


Everything worked fine until the first week of August.


Have signed up here in the hopes that a) someone else has had the same problem and b) can now help me solve mine.