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Trace Route Timing out

Question asked by thestgs on Sep 18, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2015 by corbin

I've been having troubles with my ping in games where the ping will either be at a constant 55-60 or when it will be a constant 68-75 which is a decent difference in relation to the game. When I do a tracert in command prompt the second time it goes through it times out, in between my IP and shaw, Ill attach a screenshot of what it shows. I talked to someone on the phone to see what was wrong and he pointed me to the forums. He also told me to check out this where it says "Contact Us" under "Understanding the Results" It says that I dont have permission to view it and I'm wondering why It doesnt let me. Please give me some info if anyone knows how to fix this or where to start.