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SHAW - Please upgrade Channel Guide on Gateway and other systems...

Question asked by cps.littleowls on Sep 11, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2016 by red90

Dear Shaw and any other community members:


This is an impassioned plea to perform a very minor upgrade to the TV guide as it appears on Gateway and other systems.


This is NOT a technically difficult thing to do...


Proposed Changes:


a) Move all unsubscribed channels to a different list or to a visually intuitive section within the guide, some ideas:
    - Put a stop icon next to those channel numbers we do NOT have access to.

   - Dim (or grey) the text for those channels we do NOT have access to.

   - All of the above.


One of the most frustrating things (I think we all agree) is to select a channel you do NOT have access to -- I understand Shaw wants those channels in front of its customers for obvious reasons, but please, can't we just identify those channels a bit better?  I realize I can hide certain channels in the list, but really, why should we have to manually enter (or mark) hundreds of channels we do not subscribe to?


b) When recording a broadcast or show (on a gateway system) a small globe is placed in the far right-hand side of the bar that indicates the length of the broadcast -- for some shows the bar extends past the end of the screen (in the case where a show or special is several hours long, IE: 2015 US Open Tennis) -- instead of the micro-globe, FRAME or OUTLINE recorded shows in GREEN or some other color or visual queue (dotted line?) so we do not have hunt for the icon that indicates what shows are being recorded.


We look forward to a positive response !!