Cisco DPC3825 - Keep bridged or change?

Discussion created by hooked on Sep 20, 2015
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I've recently moved to a new house.  In my old house, my Cisco DPC3825 operated in bridge mode and fed my Asus router which provided both wired and wireless internet access.  This arrangement worked great as the Asus router was centrally located within the house.  I also have 3 sons, each with their own Xbox, and all 3 were able to game at the same time without any issues via their own wired connection.


In my new house, there is a dedicated network cabinet that is located at the far end of the house.  If I go with the same set-up as in my old house, my wifi coverage is not as good since the Asus router is no longer centrally located. I would like to move the Asus router to a more central location; however I don't want to re-cable the whole house.  I would like to leave the DPC3825 in the existing network cabinet and use it to feed the switch that is already there.  The Asus router could then plug into one of the Ethernet ports closer to the middle of the house.


If I understand correctly, the DPC3825 can not operate in bridge mode if I go this route.


If I change the DPC3825 from bridge mode to normal mode, will there be any disadvantage in comparison to my current set up?  Will my kids experience any issues with their Xboxes?


Thanks in advance for any help.