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Anyone else still getting only part of a recording?

Question asked by cathywagner on Sep 14, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2015 by [shaw]joel

Last night I set up a recording on Movietime for a movie at 11:30.  At around 12:00 I tuned to this channel and it was only showing a black screen on live tv.  I went into the recording and it has stopped at 11:28, only taped up till then, even though it showed it was still recording, I could not fast forward it past the 12:28 time.  Went back to the live feed and stil showed black screen.  I thought maybe Shaw had removed the channel, so checked on another tv that has a digital box, and one with a HD box, and it was still on those tv's.  In the past I have had several shows that only recorded part of the program, even though it looked like it was all there, showed the whole time, it stopped sometime into it just like this did. This is the first time I saw this happen while it was being recorded.  I believe that somehow the pvr lost the channel feed, I recorded another movie at 2:00 am and it was fine.  So I called shaw today and they told me to unscrew the cable for 30 seconds and screw it back on.  I am so tired of being told to do this or reboot the pvr. this does not fix anything.  I can't believe that for almost 3 years, Shaw has been unable to fix this problem. please do something about this issue so it doesn't happen again!