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iphone 4s will not send email on WiFi

Question asked by abrogers on Sep 24, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2015 by shaw-harvey

I was unable to send email on Iphone 4S when on WiFi - 3G OK to send.  Shaw had me convert to Exchange but I have had many problems that include lost emails if I opened my email on my phone - it would flash and disappear from all devices.  I have discovered that I lost some business emails which were very important and I do not know how many more.  Therefore, I am resetting up my email to POP on my Iphone.  I can receive OK but still cannot send on WiFi.  It does not appear that I can change the Remote setting on my Webmail preferences for an Iphone - only Blackberry?  I had changed my password months ago to accomodate the recommended security so it should be OK. It is 7 characters, which includes 1 capital letter, numbers and puncuation.

Please advise what route to go now thank you.