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FX schedule incorrect on Classic Guide

Question asked by budsgirl on Oct 1, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2015 by shaw-harvey

I have a 3400 and a 3510 pvr.  On the 3400, the listings for FX channel are incorrect.  For example, The Bastard Executioner is on Tuesdays but that doesn't show at all on the Classic Guide (I already missed the one last Tuesday).  American Horror Story: Hotel premieres next Wed., October 7 and Fargo premieres on Monday October 12 and neither of them show on the Classic Guide but do show on the HD Guide.  So I can't set to record these shows on my 3400 pvr.  Please have the FX listings on the Classic Guide updated before these shows are on next week.  Your customers miss enough content due to issues with these pvrs, there is no excuse for not having updated Guides.