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Motorola SBG6782 Vs. Destiny

Question asked by orange_chef on Sep 29, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2015 by orange_chef

Ok so Update on the Destiny Vs. Motorola SBG6782 combo unit...


A little background:   Had Destiny for over a year, With "Old" hardware and a slightly slower connection.   Recently moved into a new home, setup old equipment and everything was great.   Discovered an exclusive offer sfor our new home/area switched to that… and have been bogged down by poor speeds at times and almost EVERY time I play destiny, Im being disconnected with the "Catapiller" error.    Tried Port-Forwarding, seemed to work at first… but eventually just kept dropping. As well as MAC address passthrough… This caused the xbox to not connect at all during testing.  Do you have a little more details on what information i should have in my router setup? and or where I find and input other information into  the 360 itself?


During a live chat to a shaw rep the issue of xbox's own servers came up and how we connect through them.   I am no expert but when asked "did you call xbox?" came up I was kinda stunned.   WOuld Xbox not just say that its my internet peripherals?   If it was working before, and now its not why would it be xbox?  Aside from the few times destiny servers are down or those wonderful denial attacks during christmas.


It seems many are recommending the Cisco alternative.   Is there any reason i should axe this new gear in favour for my old cable modem and link sys router?  Im just so sick of this…..



I spend more time trying to reconnect and trouble shoot than playing….   Perhaps I am incorrectly setting something up but this seems to be excessive.