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Xbox 360 destiny now works without Arris 6782 advanced modem….

Question asked by orange_chef on Oct 6, 2015
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Finally a stable connection for the first time while playing destiny in over 2 months.   As I have stated here previously, I have had endless  issues and trials attempting to get a stable consistent connection to destiny from my xbox 360.   I tried everything on the "advanced" Arris 6782 cable modem/router.  Somethings helped, but everyday i would play i would always get disconnected after 10-15-30 mins of playing.     What solved it?????




Well I thought I would go back to my old equipment that I had before getting the "NEW" stuff..


My old SB5101 Motorola cable modem and my  E2500 N router...



Works like a charm.  I did this as a control test to determine weather its Shaw eqiup / config or maybe my xbox….   Well looks like it may have been an issue with the Arris modem.  I am no expert and i did enjoy the subtle speed increase via WIFI but I am really happy to be able to PLAY a game thoroughly AND voice chat.   WOW!