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Westlock Alberta.  Abysmal peak hours internet service.

Question asked by jdkrebs on Oct 22, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2016 by jdkrebs

If someone could please provide information as to what sort of timeline has been layed out for infrastructure upgrades that would be amazing.


After numerous phone calls over the years stating "it's being worked on", "we know there is an issue", etc etc...  this sucks.


Peak hours throughput has been dropping to rates as low as 500KB/s-ish  which is 16-20% of what the theoretical throughput is.


Shaw had brought fiber drops from their network location in Westlock to pits over 4-5 years ago with upgrades in mind.  When will they happen?  Just got off of customer chat with a support person and...


Joshua : Honestly not expecting anything as there never seems to be any information or updates. 
Joshua : Phone support just gives typical "Your connection is fine, our network is slow and we know nothing." 
Pascal #5239: Joshua I wish I was able to say I have a bit more information that your previous communications but I just don't have anything concrete as far as a timeline to tell you. I can see that they've acknowledged their being problems in the area and have upgraded the status to 'critical' which makes me feel that news is not far away... 
Pascal #5239: The information I have was updated today actually so despite not having specific information I'm quite hopeful the end is in sight.