A Love Letter to Shaw TV

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Dearest Shaw,


Ah these years. We've had some good times. I remember the day, 5 long years ago, when you came and gave me the gift of HD TV and internet. It was like a dream come true. I was another in a long list of family and friends who would be able to enjoy your HD channel selection and broadband internet.


That first year was like a whirlwind. Lots of HD, first time having speeds up to 50 mbps, PVR! And all at those great new customer prices. I get butterflies just thinking about it. Of course time passed and the offer ended, but you still were able to keep me in the same package for a very reasonable prices. I saw a long future together. I even told others to get with you. Yes, I was willing to share the love. One should never be so selfish with something so good…


Fast forward to 2013 and you helped me again. I moved houses and you came in like a hero to make sure our install would be easy. Yes, despite a month’s notice, you took a couple weeks after we moved to get in there, but hey, we all get busy. Three years together and you learn to not sweat the small stuff right? Just like I didn't sweat it when you notified me that my subscription package would not be available after the move, and you'd only need to charge me a few dollars more for less channels.


It was a year later that my eyes began to wander. Telus, with all its flash and flair, began to tempt me. They'd ask questions about you and why I wanted to stay with you. I would say things like "Shaw has always provided me good service", or "the prices are nearly the same and if I stick with Shaw we don't have to go through switching services". You know, the kinds of things you say when you're defending the one you've been with so long, but don't always have the best answer. Eventually they got to me, but not in the way they had hoped. What they got me to do was start asking you, Shaw, what could you do better for me? Was I not still a young, desirable customer? Did I not subscribe to top tier services? Didn't I deserve some kind of thank you for being loyal to the brand? Well you said yes, but I was talking with the wrong part of you. What I needed was the loyalty department, and it would be in touch with me soon to look over my services. That felt great. I would get to keep the services I'd come to love, get a little appreciation for my patronage, and we'd both be happy.


So what happened Shaw? You didn't call. You didn't make things better. Maybe I should have reached out again, but you know how things are. I moved again, and again had to wait for you to send someone to install. I got busy with work and life, and while we still had each other’s company every evening, I always felt like there was a shadow over our relationship. Something just wasn't right.


Guess who, like a rebound pro, came in again. Now Telus didn’t ask. Telus knew me already. They knew me because they’d met many others just like me. Unsure of my future with you. Questioning whether my needs were truly being met. Offering up shiny new hardware… and the prices. Sure they had an introductory offer that asked less than half what I give you, but with more stuff. They also showed me what I would give without the offer and it was still less! How? You had increased my monthly bill by over $30 over the last 2 years, there was no way Telus could give more for less. I couldn’t help but wonder, but before long I got that tingly feeling. That new relationship feeling. I caved. I called back. I let Telus in. They promised the world and were already working their hardest to deliver.


That poor install tech was at our house for hours, but couldn’t get a good signal. My first thought was “geez, if this was Shaw he would have had it done by now”. Funny eh? Already feeling a little regret. Telus had to leave and come back, but were intent on making this work. They even sent out a cable team to check the lines coming to the house from a central junction box, just to be sure. Well, guess what? They found the problem. You see, Telus’ lines were actually fine. No issue leading up to the house. The issue lay just outside the house where they figured they would require a box. Thing is, there was something blocking the way. Something belonging to you Shaw.


See at some point a piece of Shaw hardware was installed on the outside of the house, and when installed, blocked the Telus lines. I was informed that in order to get our services going Shaw would need to be called in just to remove the box, and then there would still be work to be done to ensure the lines weren’t compromised.


So you Shaw, you have let me down. Not only did I, as a customer, become something other than first priority for you, but you’ve managed to keep me from being happy with someone else. Sure I could go through the weeks of trying to get the outside hardware all fixed, but at what cost? I’m sure at the very least I’d be out of services for a period. Week? Maybe two? I do a fair bit of work from home and need a connection. On the bright side I’m being relocated for work soon, and with any luck will have a choice of either service ready to go in my new place. Wish I could say it’s going to be a hard choice as to which one…


I’ll give you a hint: it rhymes with Shmelus.


Kindest Regards,


A Customer You’ve Lost