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City TV lack of again?

Question asked by bigscreenbob on Oct 17, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2015 by shaw-ken

Still no City TV in Cranbrook area except the timeshift version. CBC has finally kicked Leafs over to city tv.

I demand and want to know why we still dont have a HD version when smaller centers like Invermere and Creston an hour away have this

channel(218 by the way). Is it because Cranbrook office gives not one rats petooey about their customers? It is not bandwidth issue cause we get every other

new channel they release. i am going to switch to Telus taking my $200Émonth with me if I do not get some kind of rational believable answer from somebody.

i cannot believe 2 years after the fact I am still bringing this up.

I would really appreciate some kind of response from somebody besides the usual channel request rhetoric....

Your this close to switching customer...................