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DPC3848V Port Forwarding with Different External and Internal Ports

Question asked by cbohlen on Oct 16, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2017 by tropikalstorm

Hi there,


We recently had our modem upgraded to the advanced wireless modem model DPC3848V.

I use port forwarding to open connections to different computers on my LAN, as well as a VPN and web server.

The DPC3848V doesn't seem to allow port forwarding to different internal ports, even though on the modems help page it specifies that this should be available (see image below).

For security reasons I do not open up the standard RDP, http, https, TCP, and UDP ports.

Additionally, to connect to different computers on my LAN that use the same port I need to forward different external ports to the same internal port over multiple devices.


I assumed that Shaw's Advanced Wireless Modem would have these standard capabilities.


This has been brought up before: DPC3848V Port Forwarding Question but unfortunately the provided answer does not satisfy my problem.