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Hitron not opening ports?

Question asked by tense on Oct 25, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2015 by tense

I'm trying to open a port 4343 to setup Wake on LAN over the internet. Wake on WAN essentially. For that to work I need to have port 4343 accessible from outside my LAN. I have DDNS setup where it updates my external IP to a web address I can remember. With a telus router it had a setting built in to the router but the hitron software is pretty limited :/ Now when I port forward 4343 and check it using Open Port utility both from my PC and a remote PC that is not on my network I get that the port is closed! When my PC is on I can see that it gets the magic packet but when it is off the packet doesn't turn it on. Now before you say it's the PC settings then - I can wake it up on LAN just fine so I know it works. It just doesn't work over WAN. Any clue experts?