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New HD Guide - Request: improve font colour(& size) when entering channel numbers

Question asked by bcb on Jan 29, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2013 by bcb

on the new set top boxes with HD Guide (e.g DCX3200P2-M, DCX3510-M), when you punch in a channel number on the remote, the digits you're entering are momentarily displayed near the top-center of the TV screen in relatively small blue font on black or gray background. This makes the digits extremely hard to read for those of us with smaller TV sets and less than perfect eyesight, especially in a darkened room (e.g. bedroom TV while watching at night)


I'm guessing the font colour choice was made more in keeping with Shaw corporate blue rather than based on any useability factors. plus I'm betting your beta testers are all under the age of 40


But as everybody knows (or should know!), when designing information displays, CONTRAST is a key to readability. and as you should equally know, BLUE on BLACK happens to be an extremely poor contrast choice.


REQUEST to Shaw developers of HD Guide software - please either a) change the colour of these digits to white on black, with a larger font, or b) make the font/colour a user-selectable option.  There is already an option for larger font in the guide info grid display but it doesn't affect these entered-channel-number digits and there's no choice of font colour. This is a very simple thing, but it would make a huge difference in actual useability of the unit.


thank you. I hope you seriously consider this modification


p.s. the digits displayed by Shaw's basic digital receiver DCT700 are white on black.  I have a DCT700 on a smaller TV in my kitchen, and the digits are infinitely more readable than the set in my bedroom with DCX3200. White on black == good!