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Hauppauge 2250 TV tuner card - No longer working with New digital boxes

Question asked by jeff_yyc on Jan 29, 2013
Latest reply on May 10, 2013 by killerkoala

For years I have been using Hauppauge tv tuner card in computer as PVR and watch tv and recordings through Windows Media Center.   It has worked Great!  Shaws push to digital boxes has not only cost me $$$ per each of my 5 televisions, but has been a nightmare trying to get the Hauppage to work with the new digital boxes.  The computer also now needs (2) boxes as it needs a box for each recordable card.  I spent a month trying to get the system to recognize the different boxes and the windows remote to learn the digital boxes remote signals.  I have finally got all this done!!  Unfortunately now every channel displays as black screen.  I am beyond frustrated, but only easy option now appears to toss the system and the external drives I bought for the storing recorded shows and spend another fortune to reward shaw with buying their gateway system.  By the way, the extender for gateway uses a non-computer standard connection which means I can not use my external drives but have to spend more again with shaw to buy their storage extenders.  If anyone can give advice on how to resolve my issue with Hauppauge [or Shaw] and get the channels to display properly I would truely appreciate it.