Lag in games

Discussion created by lipe123 on Jan 30, 2013
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I'm playing black ops 2 (which I admit has a lot of other issues concerning lag etc in general) with my cousin that lives a few blocks from me.

He has Telus Optik internet the 20mbs package and I have shaw exo 50.


We join the same server (stupid game only has servers in New Jersey, USA) but he has a MUCH better experience than I do. He is not the only one though, earlier tonight I came across two more players from Alberta both with Telus and they had around 300-400 ms advantage on me.

Now this could probably maybe be due to the "lag compensation" that has never been officially admitted to by the game devs but nevertheless I'd really like to know if there is a chance that the issue here is with Shaw somehow?


My speedtests and ping tests all check out fine tho so I'm really at my whits end here. Mind you this is not the first time, in almost every "fast paced" game I've played I've had lag issues, like BF3, Borderlands 2 and I even notice it in Diablo 3.


I've tried new routers, I even did a custom OpenWRT load on my router with the "codel" thing thats supposed to help eliminate the "bufferbloat" thing. I'm not even sure if that could be the case but I tried it anyway.


Also our router/modem Cisco box has been kinda wonky from day one and always goes into gateway mode instead of router mode by default. This is fine by me because I prefer using my own router.