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Blocking IP address or domain on the Cisco DPC3825 for online gaming on the PS4

Question asked by stevenwong on Oct 28, 2015
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So EA's NHL series and Western Canada have never gone well together for online gaming - whether it be bad routing or whatever else, people in Western Canada playing NHL online always experience lag.  This year for NHL 16 it's worse than ever.  Fortunately there is a supposed fix: Here is the Fix for Input Delay - posted on pg 1 initial post (also includes past posts) | Leaguegaming - Your Virtual C…


Long story short, it requires blocking a certain IP address or the domain equivalent.  I have the Cisco DPC3825 router; as far as I can tell, there seems to be no way to block IP addresses using its firmware.  There does seem to be a way to block domain names using parental controls, and I have tried this - the only problem is when you set up any parental control rule properly, the Playstation 4 loses all ability to connect to the Internet and you can't do anything online, including playing the game.  The issue is that with a parental control rule enabled, anytime you want to connect to the Internet it will prompt you for your username and password (all set up within the router firmware).  On a desktop with a Internet browser that's no problem; on the PS4 there is no such ability to answer a prompt because the parental control prevents the PS4 from even connecting online.


I've kind of resigned myself to the possibility that this may not be possible given my current hardware, but figured it wouldn't hurt to ask.  Is there anyway to block that IP address or domain with this router without rendering my PS4 completely unable to connect online?


Thanks in advance.