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Extremely Slow Speed in Surrey BC (Download: 0.7mbps, uplaod 2.7mbps) on BB50 Plan

Question asked by cammywf on Jan 31, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2013 by shaw-matt

Hi shaw,


I am in Guildford Surrey BC. My internet speed was extremely slow last night, and I could not even fully open some websites. I am on BB50 Plan, and my modem is Cisco and not in bridge mood. I have 2 computers directly connect to it, and 1 other is using wifi. They all gave me a very slow test results.


The test results are as following.

Ping: 19ms

Download: 0.54mbps

Upload: 2.8mbps

Ping: 42ms

Download: 1.2mbps

Upload: 2.7mbps


I called shaw and talked with a tech rep, but no luck. After doing all the suggestions, still super slow at 0.5mbps. I did notice an interesting thing. Every time I restart the modem and do the test right way, the download speed can burst to 49mbps for 1-2 sec, and then back to <1mbps immediately.  (btw. I keep all other computers down while doing the speed test.)


I did another test this morning before going to work. Still same 0.5mbps slow speed. Hope it can be fixed after work today.