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Plan 100 with only less than 10mbps DL speed.

Question asked by meyerburger on Jan 31, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2013 by shaw-matt

Its really sucks to pay a high amount on your plan if it is exaggerate in your expectation. Before our connection plan was 20 then we upgrade it 100 so that my family can watch Netflix while i'm browsing and playing games on my computer without a problem. But what happened is nothings changed! My brother called a technician to assist us, and the technician told us to wait for next year to fix it because Shaw is upgrading. How long should we wait?! Because it's not really worth to pay a costly plan with inaccurate service. I'm using a Lan cable on my computer. Reboot,Safe mode has been done. My anti-virus is licensed and always updated.


I'm not satisfied with your service, it's really depressing us.


I speed tested my connection using Shaw's speed test twice.ShawSpeedTest1.pngShawSpeedTest2.png