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Adding New Gateway Portal Question

Question asked by biglar on Oct 31, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2015 by shaw-don

Getting ready to install a third portal in a spare room. This Saturday morning friend and I were getting ready to 'rough wire' in a coax cable to the room and going to call for an service visit appointment in the coming weeks. However after taking ceiling panels down in lower utility room and tracing existing cable found a surprise. I've attached a diagram to help. Found the master bedroom cable where an existing portal is, but it comes off a splitter. The other side of the splitter to our surprise goes into the room we are adding the outlet for the new portal, but is inside a stud cavity somewhere. Using a tone generator we located it, cut a small opening and there is was coiled up. The 'in' side of the splitter goes to the outside box.


Now the questions are:

1/ Can I use this new found line off the splitter with new future new portal?


2/ Will in affect the master bedroom portal, meaning can both be used at the same time?


3/ I'm assuming as the existing master bedroom has a moca filter do I need another?


The house was pre wired for cable 33 years ago by I think it was Rogers before Shaw took over. I know I didn't add any splitters.


Awaiting your reply, biglar