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Problem With A&E HD Channel

Question asked by bostonbob on Nov 3, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2015 by bostonbob

So once again we've got a problem with a station's logo disappearing from the Gateway system's channel line-up. I noticed last Thursday that the A&E HD logo ( channel 255 here in Vancouver ) was gone and replaced with a TV and remote - the A&E SD logo is still there. Gateway users had the same problem earlier this year with a couple of channels and it played havoc with anything you had set up earlier to record when the logo was still there. I called the Gateway Tech Support on Thursday and they said that it was a known issue and should be fixed within 48 hours. But here we are 5 days later and the A&E HD logo still has not returned. Can anybody here give me an update on what the problem is and just when it will be fixed ????