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Remote randomly sends the wrong thing

Question asked by abdba on Nov 3, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2016 by abdba

I'm wondering if others experience this issue - I do on at least two of my three portals and probably the third as well if I used it more.


The problem is that occasionally the remote seems to send (or the portal incorrectly receives) the wrong command.  For example I can be scrolling through a show pressing next->next->next , etc and when I press next one more time, instead it brings up the EPG as if the guide button was pressed.  Or one time I was using the down arrow repeatedly and all of a sudden it interpreted the number 8.  I'm clearly just repeatedly hitting the same button over and over again - I'm definitely not accidentally pressing the other button (i.e. 8 or "guide").


The problem is intermittent and I can't reproduce it at will.  The only consistency is that it seems to only happen when pressing a button repeatedly such as when scrolling through a menu or the EPG.


Wondering if others experience this also?  Maybe this is just a known "quirk" of the Gateway systems???