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Cisco 3825 keeps idea why!

Question asked by mjy.yyc on Feb 1, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2013 by shaw-colin

Have the cisco 3825 modem/router when they did the install.


For some reason the modem keeps resetting on it's own.  The connection will be fine for hours sometimes, minutes other times.  I'll try to load a webpage and I get the error that the connection has been lost.  I'll go downstairs and see the modem going through the start-up/reset sequence.  It often goes through this process several times in a row.

I had thought it was an issue of losing the wireless connection when my mac woke up from Sleep mode, however it seems to sometimes lose the signal while I'm on a page (I hope I don't lose it before I finish typing this!)--so it's NOT the computer.


The modem is well ventilated, there are very few things plugged in on the circuit it's on.  I don't know how many times a day it loses it's connection--my wife used to call me at work every time it would drop out on her, now she doesn't bother.  If I had to guess I'd say minimum 10-15 times per day.


Anyone have this problem?  faulty unit?  bad signal?  When it is connected I'm getting 46+Mbps, so signal seems strong.