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Cisco DPC3848V USB Port

Question asked by riker99 on Nov 8, 2015
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Hey Friends,


Is the Cisco DPC3848V USB Port usable and if so how do I access a printer or external hard drive attached to it?


We have multiple subnets and it would be convenient to plug a printer or usb hard drive into the router so family members can share the printer, or alternatively connect a large external hard drive for periodic backups of home videos & pictures.


I read all the docs I could find, and tried plugging various printers/ usb sticks and hard drives but could not access them using any method I could think of. Samba / netbois /etc. (we all use different operating systems, linux/windows/android/ios).


then I read that some features of the router have been disabled by Shaw. does anyone know what the usb ports intended use is, and if a future firmware update will enable such possible features?