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Problem With Portal Clock

Question asked by bostonbob on Nov 9, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2015 by bostonbob

Is anybody else here is having a problem with the clock on their portal not keeping the correct time ???? I noticed a few days ago that the clock on my portal was not keeping up with the clock on our old 3416 ( we still have this hooked up because my GF has a bunch of movies from Movie Central there that she hasn't watched yet ) and was behind anywhere from 90 seconds to 2 minutes. Keep in mind that I'm going by the clock on the SD version of the Weather Channel ( why doesn't the HD version have the current time with seconds included ??? ) so up until the last few days both the clock on the portal and the clock on the 3416 were synced up almost to the second. I called Shaw Tech support on Thursday or Friday and he tried a few different things before fixing the problem by doing a hard reboot from his end. But yesterday I noticed that the portal clock was lagging behind once again - this time it would sometimes be 3 or 4 minutes behind the 3416. However this time discrepancy did not seem to effect any of our recording as they all started and finished on time. I did notice yesterday that when I was fast forwarding through an NFL game ( stupid Cowboys lost again !!!! ) that the time on the portal didn't even match the time on the onscreen time bar. At one point I FF the picture to 9:30 pm while the portal clock still showed 9:27 pm. I'm going to call Tech Support this afternoon when I have more time but I was just wondering if anybody else here was experiencing the same portal clock problem.