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How to reverse find Champ remote code &/or code that works for Samsung TV: UN46EH5000FXZC ?

Question asked by radical924 on Nov 15, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2015 by shaw-harvey

Hi there, so we have 2 Champ remotes and only 1 functions 100% with the TV and cable box but you have to press the buttons so hard your fingers feel like your going to break them and it is VERY annoying... and the other remote works instantly to turn the TV and cable box on and off with ease but I cannot find the program code the other remote is using. Is there either a way to find the program code the other remote is using like the Atlas remote where it can tell you the code currently being used OR has anyone had any luck finding the correct program code for a Samsung TV Model No: UN46EH5000FXZC  ; Version No: UD03  ???