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Way to improve my weak wifi?

Question asked by philipk on Nov 13, 2015
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So my shaw router is in my laundry room downstairs NE of my house. Originally i liked it there because you didn't really see it (previous owner had it there too) and i thought it would provide a awesome connection for my man cave down stairs. I have no issues with internet downstairs, but upstairs however in my living its okay kinda drops a little bit but in my bedroom i get almost no wifi (bedroom is SW corner of small house). Sometimes my phone can hang onto a weak signal for a few seconds.


Is there a way to improve it so my bedroom gets wifi? If i were to try to move it into my tv stand in my living room upstairs would that work and can i just move it and hook it up or does Shaw have to come to my house to activate a different line?


From working out of town I also own a ASUS Dual Band Wireless N Router (RT-N66), would i get better results hooking that up if that's possible? I know there are things like wifi extenders and such, but I would like to try to find a solution before buying additional devices.