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Details of Internet usage meter / bandwidth limit parameters?

Question asked by drippen on Nov 22, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2015 by shaw-don

Hi, I've searched the forums for an answer and can't find one so I'm posting the question.


  Here is my question. On the Shaw My Account Internet Usage page, there is a meter which displays a number of GB's of each up and down traffic. How does this meter work? Can someone please explain to me, does it start counting data from day 1 of the monthly bill cycle, and tally it up each day until a grand total at the end of the month, and then reset for the next month at zero?. Or, is it trying to, at any particular day, show the last 30 days of traffic? This is not explained anywhere, and it would be nice to know how that number is being created.


  In other words, is the bandwidth limit on my account 'month to month', or is it a daily averaged limit, or a previous 30-days average, or something else?


  I am still within my first month of service with Shaw internet, and the meter is showing a usage that is lower than my own records indicate. I am trying to understand how I can tailor my internet usage so as not to go outside of my internet plan limit and incur any penalty.


Thanks for any input.