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How drastic of drop in Internet speed from hard wired to wifi should be expected?

Question asked by evan01ca on Nov 18, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2015 by tonya_i421

I obviously expect a drop in Internet speeds when connected to WiFi vs using the ethernet cable, but mine seems excessive:

I often even have trouble streaming YouTube videos on my iPad.


I have Internet 60


When I'm hard wired to the modem I'm getting 66mbps on

When I'm connected to Wifi I'm varying from 2.8mbps with my computer a few feet from the modem to 5.6mbps when I'm about 10' away in the next room with nothing but a partition wall between my computer and the modem.  Both tested on the same computer.


I'm not using any third party equipment, just the modem that Shaw installed in early 2014...


Any thoughts?  I'm assuming that's not normal.. Time for a new modem?  Settings that should be checked?