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Shaw Programming and the amount of Commercial Content

Question asked by on Nov 28, 2015
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First I have been a Shaw Member for a number of years now..  Maybe I am not reading in the right places about Shaw and their TV Programming and the amount of Commercial content during the TV program.  I cannot believe the amount of commercial interruption that we now receive during a normal TV program. Running 5 minutes of commercial and 3 minutes of actual TV programming is not acceptable to me nor should it be acceptable to everyone else who has a Shaw account. And not only is the high volume of commercials between TV programming but we also see banners running across the screen advertising while the program is playing.  The amount of commercial interjection is really got ridiculous and for Shaw to think that this is OK is also ridiculous.  And if Shaws answer is "it the cost of of running their business", then they need to fund another business that they can try to manage as their TV Programming is failing. Their are a lot of dissatisfied customers of theirs that have this same feeling and shopping for another provider is high on their agenda.  Does Shaw really want this?   With the addition to media streaming and android boxes flooding the markets, the big TV providers need to take notice.  People just don't want the type of TV programming with high volume commercial interjections that Shaw is subjecting to the account holders. Does Shaw think we are stupid and just will not notice the slide of TV Programming to be overcome by all the commercials they are forcing their viewers to watch? Shaw really needs to take a long look at what they are offering to their clients and pretty soon the TV pkg's will start to read that TV programming will be interrupted with equal commercial's on TV to balance their books.


As I said I have always been a keen supported of Shaw programming and pay a substantial amount monthly for this , but its got to the point now where the android boxes of streaming is going to be the way of the future unless Shaw wakes up to frustration they are dishing out to their customers.


The days of monopolizing on TV programming because you are a provider , in my mind , are numbers as the options to the end user are getting better at a fraction of the cost.


So in closing, I would suggest that Shaw take a hard look at how they run the tv programming /commercials and put the balance back.  And if the answer is "We need commercials of this volume in order to pay the bills"   then you need to rework your business or lose it.