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Discrete Power Commands or Always ON

Question asked by on Dec 3, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2015 by shaw-matt

I'm an Audio Video Integrator and we get our clients to exclusively install Shaw products when we automate their homes. Recently I've noticed some changes with the newer Cable boxes. When there is a power interruption (Brownout/Spike) these boxes (Non-Gateway) will turn off and stay off. We now get numerous calls from clients calling in saying they don't have any video. The simple solution is for them to walk to the basement / mechanical room and manually turn the box back on. All our electronics and cable boxes are usually installed into a rack in a central room.

In recent service calls I have added a new commands to the universal remotes we install to allow the client to power back on the device. It works, but our clients are frustrated that they constantly have to turn these boxes back on. Some are worse than others as the city’s power can be difficult in areas and mostly in rural communities.

Is there a way you guys can program these new boxes to power themselves back on when the power is re-established, the older boxes did this without issue? I was told that this power off issue was a recent firmware update to these boxes,

The other solution is to have Discreet Power codes “Power On” & “Power OFF” this way when the client uses their universal remote and selects “Watch Cable” I would send the command “power ON” first, before the TV even turns on. In that event, If the cable box was Off the “Power ON” command would turn On the cable box without the client even noticing.

If that the Cable box was already On the “Power On” would just be ignored.

Anyone can test this with most Blu-Ray/DVD player (almost all have a hidden Discrete Power On command) If your Bluray/DVD player is off. Press the “Play” button and it always turn it ON, never Off. That is what a discreet IR Code is.

I’ve talked numerous times with tech support on this issue and they all have agreed that the discreet commands would be helpful. They just don’t know where to take the issue too.

If I’m not mistaken Shaw purchases these boxes from a manufacture and then you (Shaw) programs the GUI and such. Wouldn’t these Shaw developers know how to implement these functions? Or help me find a way to discreetly turn them on.