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HD Guide Problems & Sportsnet World

Question asked by barriecuda on Feb 1, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2013 by barriecuda

Big soccer fan, that's about all I watch on TV. Recording games is a big part of that.


I am noticing that the Sportsnet channels in the guide, specifically Sportsnet World, is not showing accurateguide information (comparing with their website).  Along with that, many of the soccer game listings don't mention which teams are playing. My old box never had any of these problems.


For example, 7:30am (MST) has "English Premier League Soccer - Teams TBA" when it is already determined to be Newcastle vs Chelsea.


And Sportsnet World has "FA Cup Soccer" at 8am with no teams listed when has it as Arsenal/Stoke in a Premier League game.


Can you provide any insight? I only got my box and activated it about 20 hours ago.  (DCX3510-M)