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DCX3510 - series recordings not working properly

Question asked by phlogiston on Nov 23, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2015 by shaw-matt

On Sunday, I noticed that the PVR (DCS3510) was turned off and not recording when it was supposed to. I turned the PVR on and went to List Recordings. There, the menu reported 0 programs recorded and 0 programs scheduled to be recorded. Also, the series recording list was empty. I unplugged the PVR, waited a minute or two,  and plugged it back in. My recorded programs were restored. Also, I could see the list of series recordings. However, none of the series programs are scheduled to be recorded in the future. When I query the details of any of the series recordings, I can see the TV program events that are scheduled to be recorded. However, instead of the red-coloured icon indicating a series recording will take place at a particular time, the icon accompanying the scheduled event indicates a recording protected from automatic deletion. This is seriously messed up. First of the all, the PVR is configured to delete recordings when space is needed. Furthermore, and most bizarrely, the recordings have yet to be made. There is nothing to protect from deletion. (See attached picture)


I can still set up  manual one-off recordings.


I phoned Shaw support to see if there was a resolution. The Shaw support staff member who took my call was polite, efficient, and did everything it was within his power to do. Unfortunately, he could not resolve the problem. My only recourse at this point is to wait a week for a technician to come over to the house to have a look at the PVR.  Is that the best Shaw can do? I don't think a technician is going to be able to solve the problem with an onsite visit. There appears to be some glitch/corruption in the software OS. And, any solutions I can imagine involve a complete wipe and reload, probably removing all our recordings. I really hope this is not the case - this will only result in further frustration on my part. Anyway, I think I am stuck waiting a week to have someone tell me that my only option is to replace it with another PVR.


I have been very disappointed with the DCX3510 and the Shaw Guide ever since I made the bad decision to upgrade to if from my previous PVR. Perhaps it is time to seriously consider some cord cutting.