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Features on new Shaw XG1

Question asked by myhippocket on Dec 1, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2015 by insync44

Hi there,

About a year ago we upgraded our old Motorola DCT3416 to the new Arris DCX3510-M. We did it because a number of the channels were not available (sound only – no picture) using the Motorola.  But I have found a number of shortcomings on the Arris that I miss that were on the Motorola…or that I just don’t like. Before I try upgrading again, can someone tell me if the new Shaw XG1 has any of the following features/abilities?


  1. Ability to view the Guide while watching a recording
  2. Is there a way to advance a paused show/recording by frame like you could on the 3416….handy when watching sports
  3. Is the Guide configured with cells filled with colour to differentiate sports from movies etc? The Arris just has a line which makes it hard to see.
  4. Is there any way to have all recordings of the same show (regardless of channel) in the same folder?  I find it annoying that when I record the same show on different channels it creates a different folder for the same show based on the channel.
  5. Ability to truly swap between tuners?  With the Arris DCX3510-M, the swap tuner function simply acts as a Last channel button and the buffer gets lost.  So I can’t back up in the buffer on each tuner like I could in the Motorola 3416.  Put another way, can I keep swapping between two football games and back up either one if I missed something?


Thanks in advance.